Medical Esthetic held a training seminar on the use of AestheFill for cosmetologists in Kiev. May 1 and June 12 master classes will be held in Prague.


Medical Esthetic has received the European Conformity (CE) certificates for AestheFill and PowerFill. Medical Esthetic is the exclusive distributor of these fillers in the EU.


The head of Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova will become the speaker of the International Anti-Aging Medicine Congress AMWC 2020 on November 5-7.


Nanofat grafting — a new regeneration method of the skin, subcutaneous fat and extracellular matrix. The main problem with this procedure is the preservation of adipose tissue during implantation. Medical Esthetic and its chief Executive, Natalia Markova, have solved this problem by developing a revolutionary fat-crushing device, Elma Lipo.


Olga Zhukova - Associate Professor of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases at the Faculty of Advanced Training of Medical Specialists of the Russian University of Peoples Friendship, told Actual News how the anatomical course is organized.


For four years, the company Medical Esthetic has been organizing anatomical or cadaver courses for cosmetologists at the Anatomical Theater of Charles University in Prague. About them told the head of the company Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova.

  • Emmalia Kotler

    Clinico-anatomical course Prague November 2018.

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  • Yves Saban

    I am happy to come to Prague to take part in a cadaver course organized by Medical Esthetic

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  • Alessio Redaelli (Milan)

    Anatomical master class in Prague.

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