Medical Esthetic invites professional doctors to participate in anatomical research at the University of Comenius – in Bratislava (Slovakia) and the Medical Institute of the University of Rijeka in Croatia.

Anatomical research:

The scientific leaders of our anatomical courses, as part of their scientific research, conduct layered dissections on non-fixed biological material with verification of the basic anatomical structures and staining of the vessels. The resulting video and photo materials will be used for scientific documents, articles and presentations.

There is an opportunity to take part in these studies, during which our anatomists will share their knowledge, explain how to work in difficult parts and answer your questions of interest.


  • Form of participation – individual, or as part of a small group;
  • The excellent anatomical laboratories of European universities;
  • Dissection is carried out by leading anatomists.


Knowledge of physiology, anatomy and a clear master of the technique is a must for any doctor and especially cosmetologist. After all, injection cosmetology in terms of effectiveness in recent years has begun to compete with minor surgery. When working with “unsafe areas”  it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances: determine the exact layer, calculate the possible risks and complications when injecting medications, and study a safe and effective approach for injections. Participation in anatomical dissection helps to resolve complex issues and allows you to improve in the profession.