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Yves Saban conducted an anatomical course in Prague


Medical Esthetic conducted two anatomical courses for cosmetologists in Prague. The first - under the guidance of the star of world plastic surgery Yves Saban, the second course - under the supervision of the maxillofacial surgeon and cosmetologist Olga Zhukova.

Traditionally, in summer, along with the usual anatomical course, Medical Esthetic organizes a repeated anatomical course for doctors who come to our intensive trainings not for the first time. This year, both courses took place on July 26, 27 and 28.

In the second course, more attention is paid directly to the anatomy and dissection. The current repeated anatomical course was conducted by plastic surgeons Yves Saban and Sergey Prokudin, as well as lectures were given by Olga Zhukova and cosmetologist Natalia Markova.

At the same time took a course “Clinical Anatomy. Lifting techniques using threads, fillers and botulinum toxin ”under the guidance of Olga Zhukova, with the participation of teachers of dermatologists, cosmetologists Alisa Sharova, Ekaterina Gutop, Yulia Savastru, Elena Lukyanchenko and plastic surgeon Alexander Fadin.

Both courses consisted of three days, the lecture part was held at the Radisson Hotel, and the practical part was held at the anatomical laboratory of Charles University, where the disassembled methods were worked out on biological material. And finally, the clinical part with a demonstration of the procedures on the invited models was held in the Altos laser dermatology clinic.

“The cadaver course in Prague is attracting more and more doctors, because the program is becoming more intense and interesting every year! Dear colleagues, we also study all the time and generously share our accumulated experience! To teach with world stars, where colleagues from different countries gather, is very responsible and honorable! My practical experience in applying thread lifting along with knowledge of anatomy will allow doctors to work safer and get better results”, — this is how described her impressions of the course the head physician of the center of medical cosmetology “Global Medical Group”, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist Elena Lukyanchenko.