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Top 5 most popular plastic surgery


A famous plastic surgeon Sergey Prokudin, a teacher of our anatomical courses, compiled his own rating of the most popular plastic surgeries of the past year.
Breast surgery beats all records and remains, according to Prokudin, the most popular operation. Although women stopped asking for fifth breast size and refused large round implants with overflowing top. In the fashion - “natural” chest size 2-3.

Second place in the ranking of the most popular operations are liposuction and various types of lipofilling. In general, volumization (replenishment of lost volumes), both with the help of fillers and with the help of fat (lipofilling), becomes, according to Prokudin, a very popular aesthetic procedure.

The third place is kept by operations on the nose, but cosmetologists with their non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques supplanted few plastic surgeons.

Fourth place unconditionally blepharoplasty, although the operations themselves have become much more difficult and at the same time more interesting. They do not end only with the fact that the surgeon removes a certain amount of fat. Today, plastic surgeons propose cantoplasty (changing the cut of the eyes), canthopexy (raising the outer corner of the eye), myopia (tightening the circular muscles of the eye) and other operations.

The number of abdominoplasty (abdominal plasty) has increased, which is associated with the development of new techniques, which can reduce the stomach, without making large incisions.

People today like sports figures, embossed bodies with small breasts and elastic booty. Forms of Kim Kardashian has long been out of the trend, says Prokudin.

In general, the pursuit of naturalness becomes a general trend. Patients stopped attending a plastic surgeon to bring photos of celebrities that they want to be like. The desire to preserve individuality becomes important. Everyone wants to be himself, just in the improved version, the surgeon concludes.