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Three whales of cosmetology

“Three whales of non-surgical face beautification: fillers, botulinum toxins, threads” is the name of the author’s master-class of a plastic surgeon Sergei Prokudin, which was held on November 9-10 in Prague.
The course was conducted by the company Medical Esthetic. Cosmetologists from Russia, Ukraine and Germany came to us.

The author course of Sergei Prokudin lasted two days and consisted of practical and theoretical parts.

The theoretical day, November 9, was dedicated to the topographic anatomy of the face and neck and was held at the Sheraton Hotel in the center of the Czech capital. Sergey Prokudin spoke about the author’s methods of using skinbusters, fillers, volusers and botulotoxins. A lot of attention was paid to safety and dangerous zones of the face and neck.

On the second day, there was practice and the setting of a hand at the Anatomical Institute of Charles University. Together with the head of the company "Medical Esthetic" Natalie Markova, Prokudin conducted a layer-by-layer dissection of the main anatomical structures of the face and neck.

"My task is simple, — Prokudin told in his interview for the publication "Independent News", after such courses, cosmetologists make injections easier and start working without fear and doubt. Because doubts give rise to not very good results".

We are sure that Sergey Prokudin once again coped with his task.