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Round table by Jett Plasma


Medical Esthetic organizes a Round table for cosmetologists, in which a separate part will be devoted to the use of Jett Plasma. The round table will be held on July 29 in Prague.

Round table "Current issues of modern cosmetology" will bring together leading specialists of aesthetic medicine. A separate part of the conference will be devoted to cosmological devices and in particular the experience of using the Jett Plasma.

Jett Plasma is a modern, cosmetic equipment made in the Czech Republic. The device uses a revolutionary plasma technology, affects the skin without contact. The creation of plasma flow causes a powerful renewal of the skin, increasing its elasticity and strengthening the local immunity.

Jett Plasma Lift Medical has 8 levels of intensity, Jett Plasma Lift — six. By Jett Plasma developed six nozzles, four of them-cosmetic, as well as dental and gynecological.

The flat nozzle is used to restore the membrane potential of cells, for General skin care and lifting. Cone-shaped nozzles are used for more detailed study of individual zones.

At low power, the device is used for aesthetic correction: for rejuvenation of the skin and mucous, for face and body lifting, for the correction of acne, rosacea and other skin imperfections.

The average power allows for non-surgical blepharoplasty, coagulation of small vessels, remove pigmentation, correct scars.

At high power, the device can be used to remove tumors.

The main advantage of Jett Plasma over analogues is its ability to operate at a constant current. A plasma beam generated at a constant current is a so-called cold plasma whose temperature does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. While the temperature of the devices at alternating current reaches 200 degrees Celsius and is generated by flashes, which significantly increases the traumatization of surrounding and underlying tissues.

This is a patented technology, thanks to which Jett Plasma evenly affects the skin, making the procedure non-traumatic. The plasma beam is neutral, harmless to the body, does not cause complications. It provides a more accurate impact than any other device.

The patient quickly recovers after the procedure of Jett Plasma and effect slowly increases within six months. The procedure is painless, it can be combined with other treatments and rejuvenation used to improve the skin.

The training on the use of the device provides an algorithm and clear protocols for different types of procedures, recommendations for post-treatment care.