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Online school by Natalia Markova


Natalia Markova, head of Medical Esthetic, developed an online school for dermatologists, cosmetologists and gynecologists -

Medical Esthetic exists in the market of aesthetic medicine for 20 years, Since 2009 the company conducts educational activities in the field of advanced training for doctors, holds theoretical seminars and practical classes, and since 2013 organizes the anatomical dissection courses in Prague. Over the years, the company has accumulated a fair amount of experience in training and collected a huge amount of video and photographic material. Thus, the online school has become a logical continuation of this activity.

Natalia Markova, the founder and head of Medical Esthetic, is a dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, certified APTOS trainer,and medical adviser to Regen Biotech, Compex Jett, and Dr. Korman Laboratories. In addition, Natalia Markova is the owner of European and Russian patents, in particular, for the invention of the Elma RF radiofrequency lifting device,the fat-crushing device for nanofatgrafting procedure- Elma Lipo. She is the Creator of the author's methods of correcting the appearance with the help of threads and collagen stimulants. Permanent speaker of international congresses on aesthetic medicine. Organizer of anatomical courses based at Charles University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava.

Natalia Markova's online school is a video tutorial for advanced training of dermatovenerologists, cosmetologists and gynecologists. There are educational videos of aesthetic procedures, as well as anatomical dissections. Such lessons give each doctor the necessary deep knowledge of anatomy and shows them the author's methods.

The site content is constantly updated. Now on the platform posted almost 5-hour course on the methodology of modeling, reinforcement and volume formation in the buttock area. The course consists of an anatomical video review of the skin, subcutaneous, muscle and bone structures of the buttock area, video justification of the procedures performed, and patient selection criteria. The course includes a video demonstration of three procedures on patients with three different correction techniques and three different medications. There is also a lecture on histology, histological justification of the effect of each drug on tissues.

Training course about the use of collagenostimulating drugs, in particular polylactic acid, in cosmetology and dermatology lasts almost 3 hours. It includes videos about neocollagenogenesis and histological units that form tissues, about the experience of using drugs based on polylactic acid to stimulate collagen, and about complications after procedures. The training also includes an anatomical overview of the middle and lower third of the face and a demonstration of various methods of using polylactic acid for aesthetic appearance correction.

The course about women intimate zone correction — almost 2-hour long videos. Talks about the different minimally invasive techniques in this field, the use of fibers, fillers, collagen stimulators.

Also  there is a  cadaver course, which includes a description of the anatomical structures of the face, divided by zones. It can help in simple anatomical orientation when performing cosmetic manipulations.