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On the aesthetics of the intimate area


Dissection course Aesthetics of the intimate zone ”was held on November 23-24 in Prague. A course of this scale with exponential dissection of biological material was first held in Russian.

This course was distinguished by a truly stellar composition of teachers. This and Mykola Boiko - professor, sexologist, andrologist; and Oksana Filimonova - dermatologist, cosmetologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist, anti-aging medicine specialist; and Sergey Prokudin - plastic, aesthetic, reconstructive surgeon; and Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, dermatovenerologist, holder of many patents.

The first day was traditionally devoted to the theory. Sergei Prokudin spoke about the anatomy of the female genital organs. Oksana Filimonova gave an excellent lecture “Vagina - the goddess of love” about the vaginal mucosa, as a mirror of the hormonal status of a woman, the effect of nutrition on the vaginal mucosa and many other things.

The second part of her speech was devoted to the physiology, types and pathologies of orgasm, the notorious G point and other points of sexuality. “After the course we will experience a multiple orgasm,” - the course participant joked, the doctor from Israel, Alexander Gokhberg.

Mykola Boiko devoted his report to the anatomy of the male genital organs, disorders of erectile function and premature ejaculation in men, and correction of the size of the penis.

Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, spoke about the correction of the anogenital region with Aptos threads.

The second day was traditionally held at the Anatomical Institute of Charles University, where tissue dissection took place, and then the course participants, under the supervision of teachers, worked with fillers and threads on biological material.

- “Personally, in my practice recently this topic is very much in demand! Cadaver is what you need! Anatomy is repeated, answers to interesting questions are received, inspired by new ideas, I’m already dreaming to put it into practice! The anatomical department at Charles University is a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with a pleasant atmosphere and cleanliness, as well as excellent material quality! This course is really worth a visit", the beautician from Yalta Yulia Savastru wrote after visiting an anatomical course.