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Olga Zhukova held a cadaver course in Prague


In Prague, another cadaver course was held under the guidance of Maxillofacial Surgeon Olga Zhukova. For the first time the course was completely devoted to thread techniques of face and body correction.

“Clinico-anatomical course for dermatologists: thread methods for face, neck and body contouring improvement” —  was the name of the dissection course, which was held in Prague on March 22-24 under the guidance of the maxillofacial surgeon, cosmetologist Olga Zhukova. The course was conducted by the company Esthetic medical.

Other teachers of the plastic surgery course and trainer Aptos Murad Tsintsadze, plastic surgeon Alexander Fadin, dermatovenerologist and head of medical aesthetics Natalia Markova.

The first day was devoted to the theoretical part of the anatomy and was held at the Prague Hotel K + K. The program of the course turned out to be very rich, the participants of the course dispersed on Friday late evening in order to start working again in the anatomic course of Charles University, where the dissection took place, on Saturday morning.

“Why does the cosmetologist have in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy and practical skills on the biomaterial? To work technically correctly, as safely as possible and with minimal risks,” - the participant, a dermatovenereologist and cosmetologist Elizaveta Okhremchuk from Krasnodar, described her goals on the course.

The course ended on Sunday, March 24th. His third day was held at the site of our partners - the Prague Clinic Altos - where the teachers of the course conducted master classes on the author's methods of Aptos lifting thread.

The course of Olga Zhukova in English will be held on October 25-27, 2019.