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New Medical Esthetic patent


The head of Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova, together with her partner Olga Zhukova, received a patent for the author's method of thread modeling of the nose.

The Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia (Rospatent) issued a patent for “Method of minimally invasive correction of the back and wings of the nose”. The owners of the patent are the maxillofacial surgeon, cosmetologist Olga Zhukova and the head of the Medical Esthetic dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist Natalia Markova.

The proposed method is injury-free, since it is performed without incisions. At the same time, since the procedure is simultaneously performed for both the back and the wings of the nose, conditions are created for the complete proportionality of the correction of the nose as a whole in accordance with the required plastic effect.

The founder and head of Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova is an international trainer and ambassador of APTOS, medical advisor to the South Korean laboratory of Regen Biotech, Inc. In addition, Natalya Markova is the holder of European and Russian patents, in particular, for the invention of the Elma RF radiofrequency lifting device, a fat grinder for the nanolipography procedure - Elma Lipo. She is the creator of the author's methods of correcting the appearance using threads and collagen stimulants.

“The invention relates to medicine, namely to plastic surgery and cosmetology,” the document says.

Surgical threads are introduced into the soft tissues of the face through punctures of the skin. The technique can find application in rhinoplasty, in particular, as a traumatic, minimally invasive method of simultaneous correction of the nasal dorsum and wings.