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Natalia Markova held a master class in Yalta


The head of the Czech company Medical Esthetic, Natalia Markova, held a workshop on intimate rejuvenation in Yalta.

The author's master class “Intimate rejuvenation in women with Aptos threads in combination with polylactic acid injections and other methods” was held at the Skin Architect Yalta clinic on September 18.

Natalia Markova, along with the supervisor of the anatomical courses conducted by Medical Esthetic, Olga Zhukova, is the owner of the patent of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia for the method of correcting the anogenital area in women using Aptos threads.

Natalia Markova spoke about this technique, as well as other methods for correcting the intimate area, at her master class in Yalta.

Recently, the topic of intimate correction in women has become increasingly relevant. Indeed, over time, the external and internal genital organs in women change depending on age, the number of births, and hormonal malfunctions. Many problems can be solved without resorting to surgery. Cosmetologists successfully solve such problems as: severe dryness in the vagina; abnormal structure or acquired defect of the clitoris; asymmetry of the labia; muscle sagging in the intimate area, urinary incontinence and others.

Natalya Markova - Head of Medical Esthetic (Czech Republic). Dermatovenerologist, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Social Studies at Charles University. Certified trainer on APTOS methods. Medical Advisor to Regen, Compex Jett. The holder of the patent for the invention of the radio frequency lifting apparatus Elma RF, as well as other European patents. Organizer of anatomical courses in Prague and Bratislava.