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Natalia Markova became a medical adviser to Regen Biotech


The head of Medical Esthetic, Natalia Markova, became a medical adviser to the South Korean laboratory of Regen Biotech, Inc in the European Union.

South Korean laboratory Regen Biotech is a manufacturer of fillers based on polylactic acid - Aesthefill and Powerfill. As a medical adviser, Natalya Markova will participate in the scientific developments of the company and give lectures in the countries of the European Union.


Since October of this year, Medical Esthetic is a trusted representative of Powerfill in Russia, where this drug is already registered. In addition, Medical Esthetic is the distributor of Aesthefill in Europe. It is planned that at the beginning of next year this filler will receive European certification.


Aesthefill and Powerfill are polylactic acid based fillers. Unlike traditional fillers, they stimulate the production of your own collagen. Aesthefill replenishes the volume on the face, effectively smoothes wrinkles and fills wrinkles. Powerfill is used to increase volume in the lower legs, buttocks and intimate area.