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Medical Esthetic in Monaco

The company Medical Esthetic took part in the largest in Europe interactive symposium on aesthetic medicine MCA LIVE in Monaco.
The head of Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova made a report on the topic "Rejuvenation of the intimate zone with the help of threads", which is very topical today in cosmetology. The cosmetologist Elena Kryuchkova conducted several trainings on the use of the new Jett Plasma Lift rejuvenating device, the exclusive distributor of which is Medical Esthetic.

Teachers of our Anatomical courses Ekaterina Gutop and Olga Zhukova participated in the main program of the MCA. On the opening day of the congress, the maxillofacial surgeon and cosmetologist Olga Zhukova read a water lecture "Histological data on the behavior of soft tissues using various absorbable filaments." Dermatovenereologist Ekaterina Gutop talked about how to achieve maximum results with the minimum amount of injection. Her report was called "One patient - one syringe". Also, Gutop took part in an interactive demonstration of injections throughout the face area, and on September 22 held a Round Table on how to get the perfect lips with the help of injection procedures.

Our colleagues from the company Aptos for the best threads received "Nika in aesthetic medicine" - Anti Aging Beauty Trophy. The prize for the best work was also received by the Irish Botox producer Allergan. By the way, the prize was given to them by Ekaterina Gutop.