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Medical Esthetic`s Scientific Research


One of the activities of Medical Esthetic is the development of medical equipment and preparations for aesthetic medicine. The company holds a number of patents for medical devices and medicines.

The research team includes the Czech dermatovenerologist Milos Kravciv, the histologist, ophthalmologist Svetlana Pervykh, the maxillofacial surgeon, the dermatologist, the cosmetologist, the candidate of medical sciences Olga Zhukova, and the head of Medical Esthetic, the dermatovenerologist Natalia Markova.

Hardware Technology: Elma RF and Elma Plasma

In particular, Milos Kravciv and Natalya Markova are the owners of the patent for the Elma RF RF lifting device. The patent was granted by the Czech Industrial Property Office in July 2019.

The difference between Elma RF and its competitors is a unique technology in which a radio frequency pulse is applied to only one isolated microneedle after a clearly defined period of time from 10 to 60 milliseconds. Thus, we avoid the uncontrolled fusion of radio frequency pulses from all needles, as is the case with other similar devices. Elma RF uses a nozzle with thin, insulated Teflon needles that have no insulation at their ends.

The prototype of the Elma RF device is already ready, the company attracts cosmetologists to take part in its clinical trials.

In addition, Natalia Markova and Olga Zhukova are co-authors of the invention of a high power generator for the treatment of skin defects. Now the company is developing a portable electrocoagulator Elma plasma based on this work.

Cosmeceuticals Elma Derm

Another large-scale project of Medical Esthetic is the production and sale of its own Elma Derm cosmeceutical line. The composition of the cream is also the author's, patented technology of Natalia Markova and Milos Kravciv.

Elma Derm creams have been specially developed for use by patients after hardware procedures. They have high regenerative properties. The composition of Elma Derm creams contains a significant proportion of polypeptides based on plant components. The active components stimulate regenerative processes in the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin at the cellular level with the help of plant growth factors, help cellular respiration and oxygenation of the skin, stop oxidative processes on the skin and prevent premature skin aging.

Clinical and laboratory tests to determine the effectiveness of drugs are carried out by histologist Svetlana Pervykh.

Svetlana Pervykh is also an expert in the Department of Medical Law in Ophthalmology, Histology, and a leading medical adviser to Regen Biotech Inc. (South Korea), member of IMA, ESCRS, SMCAHE, Rus-LASA.

Currently, the company produces 8 creams, but in the future it intends to expand the line of manufactured cosmetics and medicines. This summer, Olga Zhukova and Natalya Markova received a new patent for a new drug for increased intraocular pressure.