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Medical Esthetic participates in Aptos research


The head of Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova takes part in the research of Aptos company regarding the effectiveness of the new modification of threads for gynecology.

We are talking about Aptos Intimate, specially designed for the correction of the anogenital area in women. These are resorbable threads with barbs and atraumatic cannulas made of copolymer of L-lactide with ε-caprolactone.

As a brand ambassador and certified trainer of the company, Natalia Markova takes part in studies on the effectiveness of Aptos Intimate.

“Many people know that I have been using Aptos threads for intimate correction for many years and even am the owner of a Russian patent for a thread method for correcting the anogenital area in women,” Natalia Markova explained her participation in the project.

According to the head of Medical Esthetic, threads are one of the most versatile and effective methods of aesthetic correction of the intimate area among minimally invasive techniques. They can narrow the entrance to the vagina, strengthen its walls, fill tissues, regenerate the skin and mucous membranes. The threads have a noticeable collagen stimulating effect.

Thread implantology is less traumatic, since blunt cannulas are, by definition, safe. They do not damage blood vessels and tissues. Finally, sutures are the only non-surgical method that allows you to move and fix tissue.

Modern aesthetic medicine is based on the principle that monotherapy is ineffective. Doctors combine various remedial methods. However, thread implantology remains one of the most demanded methods.