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Medical Esthetic has a new patent


The head of the Czech company Medical Esthetic, Natalia Markova, and the supervisor of anatomical courses in Prague, Olga Zhukova, received a patent for a new drug against increased intraocular pressure.

In July 2019, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation granted Olga Zhukova and Natalia Markova a patent for the invention of a new drug. This is a drug for the treatment and prevention of high intraocular pressure based on glycerol trinitrate and a solution of hyaluronic acid.

The direct patent holder is Medical Innovation Technology SRO (Czech Republic) - a subsidiary of Medical Esthetic.

Recall that Medical Esthetic is the manufacturer of its own line of cosmeceuticals under the Elma Derm brand. Elma Derm creams are specifically designed for use by patients after hardware procedures.

The formula is based on patented technology. The composition of creams contains a high proportion of polypeptides based on plant components.