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Medical Esthetic at "Aesthetic integral 2019"


Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, and Olga Zhukova, scientific director of the company, became speakers at the Health & beauty fest "Aesthetic integral 2019" congress in Odessa.

The Health & Beauty fest "Aesthetic integral 2019" Congress was held in Odessa on August 8-11. 

On the first day of the congress, the head of Medical Esthetic, Natalia Markova, at the Top Cosmetics clinic conducted an authorial workshop on Aptos thread methods for face, neck and body correction. The following techniques were worked out: raising the tip of the nose and narrowing the wings of the nose, lifting eyebrows and forehead, highlighting the neck-chin angle and much more.

“I would like to note the high professional training of doctors who came to the training. A very positive, highly professional group of like-minded people gathered. Thanks to the organizers of the Top Cosmetics company course, the Sptlana Larkina clinic, Aptos, perfectly prepared in personal and technical terms, for the opportunity to host the event, to all participants for taking the time and, despite the early start of the course, to stay with us until late in the evening, to all the organizers and employees of companies working for the successful implementation of this event. A cheerful and inquisitive group of experienced doctors using Aptos methods gathered. The course was held in one breath”, — Natalia Markova wrote after the course.

At the congress, Natalia Markova was the moderator of the session “Step 2. Supporting the body’s capabilities”, and also made presentations on the topic: “Correction of age-related changes in the body. Anatomical aspects of safety”and “Plasma shower: indications, contraindications, expected results ”about the features of the use of the Jett Plasma electrocoagulator. In addition, Natalia Markova presented the summer protocol of non-surgical blepharoplasty, as well as the removal of skin tumors using the Jett Plasma apparatus.

Olga Zhukova, the company's supervisor through an online broadcast, spoke at the congress about the complications after administering drugs based on calcium hydroxyapatite and biopolymer gel, about the main treatment methods and the non-standard protocol.