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Irina Khrustaleva's anatomical course was held in Prague


An intensive dissection course for cosmetologists under the guidance of the famous plastic surgeon Irina Khrustaleva took place on February 15-16 in Prague.
The course speakers were Svetlana Larkina, head physician of the Center for Intensive Cosmetology and anti-age therapy, Vladimir Petrishin, Head of the Operational Surgery Course at the Department of Clinical Anatomy at the University Pavlova, plastic surgeon Galina Khrustaleva.

The main difference of this course was the inclusion in its theoretical and practical parts of issues related to syringe liposuction in the lower third of the face and neck, as well as autolipotransfer - injections of own fat. The full name of the course is “Volumetric methods of facial correction in aesthetic medicine” (fillers, syringe liposuction, lipofilling).

24 cosmetologists took part in the course. The course traditionally consisted of a theoretical and practical part. The dissection and development of practical skills took place on the basis of Charles University.

“The second day was pleased with the coherence of the work of the groups, interesting findings, the development of complex injection techniques. They even imposed stitches, and with a bonus they checked again how to perform retrobulbar injections, ” Svetlana Larkina wrote after the course in her Instagram account.

“In the morning, our international group from different countries after Prague beer, Czech food, walks up to 12 at night, departed, carrying with them new skills and knowledge! Thanks to Czech friends who helped to organize this event - Medical Esthetic companies and Natalia Markova personally,” Svetlana Larkina concluded.