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Intimate rejuvenation course will be held in Bratislava


The course “Intimate area aesthetics” this year will be held June 21-23 in Bratislava on the basis of Comenius University. It will consist of theoretical, practical and clinical days.

The procedure of rejuvenation of the intimate area in recent years has become very popular. After 35 years, the production of hormones responsible for the elasticity of the skin and regulating the processes of its regeneration, decreases, and the level of socialization of a woman at this age on the contrary increases. Women are not ready to drop out of life and prefer the least invasive, gentle, but effective methods. Dissection courses help doctors identify “danger zones” and the exact layers for medicament injection and learn to avoid risks. That is why last year the company Medical Esthetic launched a new project for cosmetologists and gynecologists who want to engage in intimate rejuvenation, both in men and women.


This year the course will be on the basis of the anatomical institute in Comenius University in Bratislava. The dermatologist, venereologist and cosmetologist Vladlena Averina joined the speaker team this year.


The anatomical course “Intimate area aesthetics” will consist of three parts - theoretical, practical and clinical. In the theoretical part, our teachers - Sergey Prokudin, MD, plastic surgeon; Oksana Filimonova, MD, Dermatologist, cosmetologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist; Mykola Boiko, MD,PhD, sexopathologist, andrologist; Vladlena Averina, MD, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist; Natalia Markova, MD, dermatovenerologist - will tell you about the anatomy of the female and male genital organs, arteries and veins, dangerous and “Dead” zones, on the physiology of erection and ejaculation, and on correction procedures.

Oksana Filimonova reads a course on anti-aging in gynecology, points of woman’s sexuality and ways to correct them, the basic rules of active and successful longevity, and recipes for internal rejuvenation. Vladlena Averina - about PRP, HA, boosters and placenta extracts. Natalia Markova will talk about the thread correction of the anogenital area, and Nikolay Boyko about the method of enlarging the head of the penis in order to treat premature ejaculation and aesthetic correction of the labia majora.


The practical part of the course will be held at the University of Comenius and will be devoted to the dissection of biological material. The clinical day will be occupied by master classes on disassembled methods of correction of the intimate zone.

Oksana Filimonova, MD, Dermatologist, cosmetologist, gynecologist-endocrinologist 

Yulia Savastru, MD, Dermatologist, cosmetologist