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Beauty at Christmas


"Aesthetic Consilium Congress - Christmas Prague" - an international congress of aesthetic medicine specialists will be held at the Prague Grandior Hotel December 10-12. Medical Estetic company will sponsor congress.
Leading dermatologists, cosmetologists, plastic surgeons from France, Italy, Austria, Romania, the Czech Republic, as well as Russia, Ukraine, Georgia will gather in the capital of the Czech Republic.

The central theme of this grand congress is safety in aesthetic medicine. Complicated cases of fillers, botulinum therapies, filament technologies, hardware techniques and biotechnologies will be analyzed.

The Congress also envisages the practice, analysis of new methods, blocks of Anti-age medicine and management. Special attention will be paid to the most relevant areas of aesthetic medicine: hormonal treatment and aesthetic gynecology and rejuvenation of the intimate area.

The head of the company Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova will make a presentation at the congress - “Filament lifting and bio-reinforcement by the threads of the intimate area in women”.

Medical Esthetic is one of the sponsors of this event. Our trainer for using the Jett Plasma apparatus Marina Panko will hold a master class in hardware cosmetology.

Our partners, the OKK expert company, which is a distributor of Jett Plasma on the Ukrainian market, will also be represented at the Medical Esthetic stand. Supervisor of “OKK Expert” Svetlana Larkina will read the report “Myths and realities about the use of devices producing cold plasma” at the congress. The procedure will be conducted by Oksana Vanenkova, a specialist in minimally invasive techniques from OKK-expert.

Sergey Prokudin, a scientific advisor at our Anatomical Courses for Cosmetologists, will be the moderator of the session “Anatomy of Complications in Cosmetology,” which he will conduct with a plastic surgeon from Austria, Thomas Rapl.

We invite our friends to plunge into the fabulous Christmas atmosphere in Prague! Medical Esthetic offers a 20% discount on tickets.

Other participants of the congress:

Olga Zabnenkova (Russia) - Candidate of Medical Sciences, dermatologist at CDC MEDSI, dermatologist, cosmetologist, professor at RUDN University, vice-president of the Society of Aesthetic Medicine, certified trainer at Caregen, member of the expert council for botulinotherapy

Maria Shirshakova (Spain) - Dermatologist, Head of the Clinic Maria Shirshakova, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Lecturer at the International School of Cosmetology Skin academy in Barcelona.

Vasily Atamanov (Russia) - Head of the Department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery of the Novosibirsk Branch of the Federal State Institution “IRTC“ Eye Microsurgery ” Acad. S.N. Fedorov Rosmedtekhnologii. Author of eight patents for inventions in the field of reconstructive surgery and ophthalmology. Has experience with class A botulinum toxin since 1999.

Albina Kadzhaya (Georgia) - Dermatovenerologist, dermatocosmetologist, head physician of the clinic “Total Charm Piazza” (Tbilisi- Batumi, Georgia). Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM), full member of the Russian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and the Georgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine. Scientific consultant of the company Aptos.

Georgy Sulamanidze (Georgia) - Plastic Surgeon, Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Ph.D., Specialist in Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Aptos. The winner of the professional award in the field of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine "Golden Lancet" for 2008. Published, more than 30 scientific papers, 18 of them - in leading international publications.

Ina Sashoaca (Romania) - doctor of dematovenerology, candidate of medical sciences, specialist of aesthetic medicine, international and national trainer of the Association of Mesotherapists of Romania, member and speaker of the National Romanian Society of Dermatovenerologists, scientific consultant of IME.

Yuri Andrashko (Ukraine) - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases of Uzhgorod National University, Head of the Problem Commission of Dermatology and Venereology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Founder of the diagnostic and treatment center "Asklepiy", Uzhgorod.

Mario Goisis (Italy) - maxillofacial surgeon, director of the network of plastic surgery clinics Doctor's Equipe.

Anna Funikova (Ukraine) - dermatologist, cosmetologist, family doctor, director of the Academy of Health and Beauty clinic and training center of the Beauty Industry Professional Training Center Certified trainer for Allergan, Inc., Head of the Medical Cosmetology Studio "Happiness", Ukraine.

Inga Andrashko (Ukraine) - dermatologist, cosmetologist, Director of clinics "Askpepiy", "Estified" Uzhgorod, Ukraine. Co-owner of the clinic "Dermarevolta" Bratislava. Vladlena Averina (Ukraine) - dermatovenereologist, doctor of the highest category, Scientific Coordinator of the Academy of Scientific Beauty, International Speaker Teohape, Member of the Scientific Committee AMEC (Paris), AMWC (Monaco), ICAD (Bangkok).

Thomas Rappl (Germany) - plastic surgeon in the hospital of the Medical University in Graz. Member of the International Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgery (ISAPS), the French Society of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons (SoFCPRE).