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Article of our teachers for "Aesthetic Medicine"


Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, and Sergey Prokudin, a teacher of our Anatomical Courses, plastic surgeon, wrote an article on non-surgical rhinoplasty for Aesthetic Medicine magazine.
Aesthetic rhinoplasty has always been one of the most popular plastic surgeries. Each year, the amount of rhinoplasty increases by 12-18%. At the same time, approaches and techniques for performing these operations are being improved.

In recent years, a new direction in the aesthetic correction of the nose - the so-called non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is the name of the article written by Sergey Prokudin and the head of Medical Esthetic, dermatovenerologist, Natalia Markova.

The article is intended for professional cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Much attention is paid in it to anatomy - a special dissection was carried out to collect the material.

“We defined the concept of“ dynamic non-surgical rhinoplasty, ”based on our own and other people's experience, gave safe and effective recommendations for methods for correcting basic patient requests,” Sergei Prokudin commented on this work.