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Anatomical thread lifting course was held in Prague


Medical Esthetic conducted a cadaver course for cosmetologists at the Anatomical Institute of Charles University.

Clinico-anatomical course for dermatologists “Thread methods for face, neck and body contouring improvement” was held on September 13-15, 2019 in Prague. The course was taught by Olga Zhukova, MD, PhD,  Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Aleksandr Fadin, MD, PhD, Plastic Surgeon, Natalia Markova, MD, Dermatovenerologist, Cosmetologist.

The first day of the course was devoted to theory - the basic concepts and guidelines in the anatomy of the face and neck; SMAS layers dangerous areas of the face and neck; neurovascular bundles; methods for correcting appearance with the help of threads and collagen stimulants.

The practical day of the course was held at the Anatomical Institute of Charles University. The disassembled techniques were worked out on anatomical material. A layered dissection was carried out explaining the danger zones from the point of view of conducting deep subcutaneous interventions.

The master classes of the disassembled techniques were held on the third day of the course at the Altos Laser Dermatology Clinic in Prague.

“About the anatomical course in Prague. I can say that he was amazing, - says one of its members, a dermatologist, founder of the Medical Skin Clinic from St. Petersburg, Ekaterina Belyaeva, “I looked with admiration and respect at the work of Olga Zhukova. How carefully, accurately and easily she works with threads! The cannulas in her hands turn into the artist’s hands. Natalia Markova conquers with her love of life and clarity in her work. The new techniques that the doctors shared are very practical and affordable.