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A round table for cosmetologists was held in Prague


On July 29, the Czech company Medical Esthetic held a round table in Prague dedicated to modern cosmetology. Doctors from all over the world gathered at the congress.

The round table was divided into two sections: lecture and practical. In the lecture part, leading experts in modern medicine spoke. A dermatologist, cosmetologist, Ph.D. Svetlana Larkina (Ukraine), spoke about the author's methods in the treatment of age-related changes in the periorbital zone, in particular, using the Jett Plasma electrocoagulator. Maxillofacial surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist, MD Olga Zhukova from Russia - about regenerative techniques using cellular technologies, Russian ophthalmosurgeon, histologist Svetlana Pervykh - about the eye orbit zone from the perspective of cosmetic procedures, described possible risks and complications. In addition, Svetlana Pervykh spoke about collagen stimulants and polylactic acid, in particular, about a relatively new drug in this market - AestheFill.

Cosmetologist and certified trainer Aptos Julia Savastru demonstrated combined methods of correction of age-related skin changes.

Rheumatologist, MD, PhD Irina Dydykina (Russia) made a report on osteoporosis and osteopenia, about what cosmetologists should know about these diseases. Dermatologist, cosmetologist Vitaliya Vodyanik (Ukraine) shared her personal experience with the use of Aptos thread lifting in combination with fillers and botulinum toxin. Dermatologist, cosmetologist Elena Lukyanchenko (Ukraine) showed combined methods for lifting the face contour using threads, skin boosters and biorestructurants.

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist from Russia Marina Panko made an interesting report on the complications and necrotic consequences after cosmetic procedures, and how this can be cured with the help of enzyme therapy, polynucleotides and a plasma shower.

Meanwhile, master classes and presentations on hardware cosmetology were held in the next room. Resuscitator from Bulgaria Mikhail Mikhailov compared the LIGHT and HARD protocols during the “non-surgical blepharoplasty” procedure using the Jett Plasma Lift.

Dermatocosmetologist Oksana Vanenkova spoke about the treatment of hyperhidrosis and acne using the ELMA RF fractional radio frequency lifting apparatus.

The round table in Prague has been held for the fourth year and traditionally completes a large-scale anatomical course, which attracts Russian-speaking cosmetologists from all over the world.

“I was happy to meet my colleagues, receive feedback from them, and learn from them! Such is the international energy exchange, the exchange of experience and knowledge of aesthetic medicine professionals from all over the world, ” - Julia Savastru described her impressions of participating in the course and the Round Table in Prague. And she concluded: “Our four-day course ended with a magnificent Gala dinner on the Vltava River under fabulous sails! Romantic, beautiful, deliciously”.