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A new format for anatomical research


On November 9, 2019, Medical Esthetic will conduct an anatomical body study for the first time. Anatomical research is a new training format that our company offers.

Anatomical research will take place on November 9 at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Plastic surgeons Aleksandr Fadin and Vardan Arshakyan, head of Medical Esthetic, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist Natalia Markova and ophthalmic surgeon Svetlana Pervykh will take part in it.

Anatomical research is a new training format. The participants of these trainings get the opportunity to attend the scientific experiments conducted by our teachers. The supervisors of our anatomical courses conduct layered dissections on non-fixed biological material with verification of the basic anatomical structures. The resulting video and photo materials will be used for scientific papers, articles and presentations. There is an opportunity to get first-hand knowledge before publishing research on this topic.

The participation fee is 650 euros for one day of training.

On November 9th, a body test will be conducted, and on November 10th in the face.

Natalia Markova — MD, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist. Certified Trainer for Aptos Methods, Medical Consultant for Regen Biotech Laboratories for AestheFill & PowerFill methods, Dr. Korman Laboratories for HA filler methods, Compex Jett for plasma device system. Author of patents for some popular medical devices as Elma radiofrequency for RF lifting, Elma Lipo for fat-nano-lipografting, recepture for medical device for reduce of influence of cataracta diseases, treatment of skin atopy and vascular insufficiency for diabetic skin and psoriatic skin. 

Aleksndr Fadin — MD, PhD, anatom, Plastic Surgeon. 

Svetlana Pervykh — MD, ophthalmosurgeon, histologist. Expert of the Faculty of Medical Law on ophthalmology, histology. Leading Medical Advisor to Regen Biotech Inc. (South Korea). Member of IMA, ESCRS, SMCAHE, Rus-LASA.

Vardan Arshakyan — PhD, plastic surgeon, oncologist. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Winner of the Diamond Beauty Russia Award.