Company news

Launch of new cosmetics Elma

Medical Esthetic company has developed its own line of cosmeceuticals under the name Elma. Our creams are created by a unique patented technology at the junction of cosmetology and pharmacology.
Article of our teachers for "Aesthetic Medicine"

Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, and Sergey Prokudin, a teacher of our Anatomical Courses, plastic surgeon, wrote an article on non-surgical rhinoplasty for Aesthetic Medicine magazine.
New technologies Medical Esthetic
At the "Aesthetic Consilium Congress - Christmas Prague", Medical Esthetic presented three skin rejuvenation machines: Jett Plasma, and its own developments, the Elma RF radio frequency lifting device and the Elma RF Plasma electrocoagulator.
How cosmetologists meet Christmas ...
Despite the dank weather, the Grandior Hotel in Prague was warm and clear these days. The congress “Aesthetic Consilium - Christmas Prague” brought together leading experts of aesthetic medicine from all over the world in the Czech capital.
Shenzhen Congress

Olga Zhukova and Ekaterina Gutop, teachers of our Anatomical Courses, took part in the 2nd International Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine (IMAAC EuroMediCom) in Shenzhen (China) on December 7-9. 
On the aesthetics of the intimate area

Dissection course Aesthetics of the intimate zone ”was held on November 23-24 in Prague. A course of this scale with exponential dissection of biological material was first held in Russian.

Anatomical course November 23-25

An anatomical course led by Olga Zhukova was held in Prague on November 23-25. This time, doctors from Israel came to us.

Beauty at Christmas

"Aesthetic Consilium Congress - Christmas Prague" - an international congress of aesthetic medicine specialists will be held at the Prague Grandior Hotel December 10-12. Medical Estetic company will sponsor congress.
Three whales of cosmetology
“Three whales of non-surgical face beautification: fillers, botulinum toxins, threads” is the name of the author’s master-class of a plastic surgeon Sergei Prokudin, which was held on November 9-10 in Prague.
Invaluable baggage from Prague
New Anatomical Course gathered in Prague doctors from 14 countries. The IPSEN group together with Medical Esthetic company conducted a cadaver course with the participation of the aesthetic medicine stars: Alessio Redaelli, Sergey Prokudin and Ivo Klepacеk.