Company news

Medical Esthetic will sell Powerfill in Russia

Medical Esthetic has become a trusted representative in Russia of a South Korean filler based on polylactic acid Powerfill.

A new format for anatomical research

On November 9, 2019, Medical Esthetic will conduct an anatomical body study for the first time. Anatomical research is a new training format that our company offers.
Natalia Markova held a master class in Yalta

The head of the Czech company Medical Esthetic, Natalia Markova, held a workshop on intimate rejuvenation in Yalta.
Medical Esthetic and Estekom conducted a cadaver course in Prague

Medical Esthetic and the Russian company Estekom conducted a cadaver course “Fillers. Anatomy of the result. European Protocols”.

Anatomical thread lifting course was held in Prague

Medical Esthetic conducted a cadaver course for cosmetologists at the Anatomical Institute of Charles University.

Natalya Markova will speak at the S Congress in Kiev

The head of the Czech company Medical Esthetic in September will hold a thread lifting workshop in Yalta, and in October will join the expert council of the S Congress 2019 conference in aesthetic medicine in Kiev.

Medical Esthetic`s Scientific Research

One of the activities of Medical Esthetic is the development of medical equipment and preparations for aesthetic medicine. The company holds a number of patents for medical devices and medicines.

Medical Esthetic has a new patent

The head of the Czech company Medical Esthetic, Natalia Markova, and the supervisor of anatomical courses in Prague, Olga Zhukova, received a patent for a new drug against increased intraocular pressure.

Medical Esthetic at "Aesthetic integral 2019"

Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, and Olga Zhukova, scientific director of the company, became speakers at the Health & beauty fest "Aesthetic integral 2019" congress in Odessa.

New members in the Medical Esthetic team

In 2019, the plastic surgeon Alexander Fadin, ophthalmologist-histologist Svetlana Pervykh, and dermatocosmetologist Elena Belisheva joined the teaching team of the Czech company Medical Esthetic.