is polylactic acid dermal filler works in the deep dermis 
stimulated collagen production. AestheFill is used for correction of folds, wrinkles, skin laxity and for add of the loss facial volume, what removed with aging proceses in dermis and deep layers of dermis. 

When we compare the traditional dermal fillers, AestheFill works as great collagenstimulator in the dermis. It’s able to simulate the production of collagen thanks the its chemical composition and after 3 - 5 month substitute the implanted solution with own collagen, what can add the facial and dermis volume with very natural look.

How does AestheFill work?

AestheFill polylactic acid dermal filler is a implantable substance for treating and rejuvenating of dermis. AestheFill® PLLA (poly-Lactic acid) is a polymer made from 100% pure natural extracts. PLLA is biocompatible and biodegradable substance approved by the FDA and CE. It naturally stimulates the skin cells to produce its own collagen. PLLA is biodegradable thanks to own hydrolysis in the human dermis and after biodegradation this substance go away from organism as post elements of hydrolysis as CO2 and H2O. 

PLLA is great hydratation substance, what is effectively stimulate the produce of new collagen. To obtain optimal result, 2 to 3 sessions may be required. It’s depend on the condition of dermis of each patient and their aging diagnosis. The last results are usually visible after 3 - 5 month and lasts up to 2 years.  

AestheFill’s patented instant solution allows PLLA to dissolve rapidly in as little as 20 minutes, instead the first generation of PLA, which needs to be prepare before 72 hours. This fact allows with using of AestheFill dramatically reduce of infection risks during and after procedures. 

Manufacturer: Regen Biotech, Inc South Korea
Release form: 200 mg ampoule

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