About Us

The firm was established in 2000. All this time we are engaged in distribution and production of medical products, medical equipment and products of medical appointment.

In 2009, we expanded our portfolio into educational activities in the field of advanced training of doctors and health workers. In addition to theoretical seminars and practical classes, we organize anatomical courses with practical skills on biological material. The courses are organized in Prague on the basis of the Charles University, with which our company successfully and closely cooperates in various educational fields, and on the basis of Pathologic laboratory Prague hospital 8, equipped with the latest technology. Biological material for our courses of good quality with well - preserved subcutaneous fat, which is especially important for the development of skills for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and cosmetologists.

Once a year, starting in 2015, we organize a large-scale event in the format of a "round table" on dermatological and aesthetic topics, which on its scale, we can already put on a par with the conference.

In 2015, we upgraded our portfolio services again and expanded it to a special offer for reputable research or manufacturing firms. This is the organization of anatomical studies. Large manufacturers of medical devices and medical equipment for the preparation of a methodological guide for the use of products and improve the safety of medical products require anatomical studies, photo and video materials, conduct and documentation of manipulation, safety confirmation. For this purpose we offer complete organization and documentary support of studies of large firms - manufacturers, and companies involved in marketing and confirm the safety of use of medical products.

Since last year, we have also organized group educational visits and internships for doctors and medical professionals at the level of heads of medical institutions and state administration from other countries to the Czech Republic. The subject of events can be different at the request of the customer trip. The programme, travel plan and composition of the group are approved in advance and coordinated by the Ministry of health and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

We will be glad to hear from you on any matter within our competence and will be happy to provide you with more information about our products and services and their prices, both in the field of distribution, production, development, certification and marketing of medical products and equipment, as well as in the field of our educational activities in the Czech Republic.