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Сlinico-anatomical course in Prague

Medical Esthetic conducted the regular Anatomical Course in Prague on October 5-7 under the supervision of maxillofacial surgeon, dermatovenereologist, and cosmetologist Olga Zhukova.
Cosmetologists from Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic arrived in Prague. This time we have a group of 25 people.

The course consisted of theoretical and practical parts. The first day of training was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Prague. Olga Zhukova, Associated Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases Department, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, spoke about the layered topography of the face and neck, about the features of age-related changes in each layer.

Her presentation included the basic concepts and guidelines in the face and neck (anatomical features, the concept of SMAS), as well as the presentation of neurovascular bundles and dangerous areas of the face and neck.

After lunch, Zhukova was replaced by the chief physician of the cosmetology clinic “Studio of Aesthetic Medicine” (Vladivostok), a member of the European Society of Dermatovenerologists, a certified trainer of injection techniques of the Allergan company, the trainer Aptos Irina Goleschihchina. She spoke about contouring in combination with thread methods.

The dissection of the course on October 6 was held at the Anatomic Institute of Charles University. The dissection was performed by a plastic surgeon Sergey Prokudin. The teachers were Natalya Markova, Ekaterina Gutop, Olga Zhukova, Irina Goleschikhina and Aptos certified trainer Tamara Bezlepkina, who shared their methods of correction of age-related changes.

The third day, October 7, consisted of workshops Zhukova, Markova and Gutop, he passed on the basis of the clinic of laser dermatology Altos. Sergei Prokudin successfully conducted an exemplary non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Some doctors stayed with us on the fourth day - October 8. Medical Esthetic conducted a training on the use of the Jett Plasma anti-aging device, the exclusive distributor of which we are in the entire post-Soviet space.