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Natalia Markova will be the speaker at Kolkhida 2019 congress


Natalia Markova, the head of the Czech company Medical Esthetic, will speak at the International Caucasus Congress on Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Kolkhida 2019 in Tbilisi on July 5-7, 2019.

Presentations by Natalia Markova will be devoted to the Aptos facelift. The first report is called - “Aptos Nano Spring in correction of intimate area: expecting result, methods, combination of technics”; the second report is - “Correction of gluteal area with Aptos threads and combination of PLA and others methods”.

Dermatologist, cosmetologist Natalia Markova is a certified trainer in the use of the Jett Plasma Lift Medical plasma coagulator, the Aptos and Dr. methods. Korman Laboratories. In addition to medical practice, Natalia Markova holds European patents for the invention of the device of radio frequency lifting Elma RF, as well as a drug for moisturizing, increasing elasticity, updating the epidermis and dermis. In 2000, Markova founded Medical Esthetic company in Prague.

Today, Medical Esthetic is the exclusive distributor of the Jett Plasma device (Czech Republic) on the post-Soviet market, the developer and manufacturer of the Elma RF radiofrequency lifting device and the seller of its own regenerative cosmetics line Elma Derm. Since 2013, Medical Esthetic has organized and conducted dissection courses and anatomical studies for doctors in Prague. Medical Esthetic will present its products at Kolkhida-2019 at stand 5.

The International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Kolkhida-2019 will be held in Tbilisi on July 5-7. The event is organized by the companies Aesthetic Consilium and Geoprass. The main purpose of the conference is the exchange of experience between leading experts, as well as discussion of world practice, innovative approaches and modern methods of rejuvenation in the field of aesthetic medicine.