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Medical Esthetic at the Kolkhida 2019 congress


The Czech company Medical Esthetic took an active part in the Kolkhida 2019 congress in Tbilisi. Natalia Markova, the head of the company, moderated the session on aesthetic gynecology.

The International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology Kolkhida 2019 was held July 5-7 in Tbilisi. Natalia Markova, Head of Medical Esthetic, spoke at the session on thread lifting with the presentation “Correction of the gluteal region with Aptos threads and a combination of PLA, etc.”, which caused a lively discussion.

In addition, Natalia Markova, together with plastic surgeon Matthew Stefanelli and gynecologist Tinatin Tomadze moderated the session “Intimate Aesthetics”. Markova presented the report “Application of Nano Spring filaments in the intimate area: expected result, methods, combinations of techniques”.

Both reports are the author's methods of Natalia Markova. Cosmetic methods for the correction of the buttocks with Aptos threads in combination with polylactic acid showed excellent results in our patients. The method of intimate rejuvenation in women with the help of threads Nano Spring Aptos is highly effective and prolonged.

“Hot discussion of the reports lasted not only during the whole pause for coffee, but in fact before the arrival of the speakers of the next session. There was a lot of anatomy, and I want to note the high interest of the audience in the anatomy of not only the face and neck, but the whole body, including the intimate area,”  Natalia Markova described her impressions of the session“ Intimate Aesthetics ”.

“It was lively and informative! The fact that the session was divided into 2 parts by the volume of information and the hall was full speaks of the doctors' interest in complex anti-age correction, and the concept QSLI - the index of the quality of sex life - is increasingly being discussed,” said Vladlena Averina, a dermatovenerologist. 

Moscow representative of Medical Esthetic Lilia Zhdanova presented the company's products at the stand. Recall that we are talking about a unique device Jett Plasma made in the Czech Republic. Medical Esthetic is a distributor of this product. The company also develops and manufactures the Elma RF radiofrequency lifting device and its own Elma Derm regenerative cosmetics line. In addition, since 2013 Medical Esthetic has been organizing and conducting dissection courses and anatomical studies for doctors in Prague.