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Master class on the use of AestheFill in Kiev


Medical Esthetic held a training seminar on the use of AestheFill for cosmetologists in Kiev. May 1 and June 12 master classes will be held in Prague.

On April 3, 2021, a master class was held in Kiev on the use of a South Korean filler based on polylactic acid - AestheFill.

Medical Esthetic is the exclusive distributor of AestheFill and PowerFill products in the European Union, Ukraine and Belarus. Both fillers are produced in South Korea by the Regen Biotech, Inc laboratory, have a CE certificate, and are also registered in Ukraine and Belarus.

At the beginning of the master class in Kiev, the head of Medical Esthetic Natalia Markova, as a medical adviser to Regen Biotech, Inc, presented diplomas to new trainers on the use of AestheFill in Ukraine - a dermatologist, a cosmetologist of the highest category Olga Chalenko, as well as a combustiologist of the highest category, PhD, Svetlana Korkunda.

The master class consisted of theoretical and practical parts in which the trainers talked about the indications for the use of drugs based on polylactic acid, about the peculiarities of AestheFill dilution, about possible complications and contraindications. Also, the author's techniques for face and neck rejuvenation with AestheFill were demonstrated.

As a bonus for the participants of the master class, a demonstrative procedure for reinforcing and augmenting the buttocks with PowerFill was carried out.

On May 22, 2021, another training master class on the use of AestheFill and PowerFill is planned in Kiev. And on May 1 and June 12, master classes are scheduled in Prague.