Elma Lipo

Elma Lipo

Fat grinding device Elma Lipo 

Elma Lipo is a new revolutionary device for fat reduction. It is used for the procedure of nano lipofilling. Basically for skin regeneration using patient`s own fat.

Elma Lipo is a proprietary invention of the company Medical Esthetic and its head Natalia Markova, who is the owner of a patent for this device issued by the Czech industrial property office in July 2019.

The device is an innovative solution for releasing human fat from cells and purifying it for further injection into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The device allows you to manipulate adipose tissue without violating sterility: the material is collected and crushed in a single syringe without opening the test tube.

Advantages Of Elma Lipo:

- Easy to use
- Efficiency
- Portability
- Guarantee of sterility of the collected material
- The device is compact, easy to carry, safe and maintenance-free.

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