Сlinico-anatomical course for dermatologists 2019

Сlinico-anatomical course for dermatologists 2019

October, 25-27, 2019

Medical Esthetic has been arranging anatomy courses for cosmetologists in Prague for 5 years. We conduct them at the Institute of Anatomy of Carlow University and the Training Center of the European University of Aesthetics (Prague). The anatomy course will consist of two parts - a theoretical one and a practical one. The educators in the theoretical part will include a maxillo-facial Surgeon Olga Zhukova, plastic surgeon Murat Tsinsadze,  dermatologist cosmetologist Ekaterina Gutop a dermatologist Natalia Markova.


The first day

  1. I Basic concepts and guidelines for the age related change anatomy of the face, neck and body (Dr. Olga ZHUKOVA).
  2. II Thread methods for face and neck improvement (Dr. Olga Zhukova, Dr Murat Tsinsadze)
  3. III Thread methods for body improvement (Dr. Olga Zhukova)
  4. IV Thread methods for intimate area improvement (Dr. Natalia Markova)

The second day
Hands-on training in cadaver laboratory

Doctors can advance their understanding of human anatomy in addition to enhancing their NEW practical skills by exploring and working on human specimens. Cadaver training can help improve all advanced thread techniques. At different stations the anatomical peculiarities of the face will be shown. For upper, mid, lower face and neck the location of dangerous zones will be observed. The correction techniques for inserting threads in different zones will be dealt with by doctors during dissection.

All donors are tested thoroughly for infectious diseases such as: HIV, Hepatitis B&C, and are not permitted within the facility unless all tests prove negative.

The third 
Clinical practice

Advanced facial and body aesthetic master-class.

Inserting technique with threads in different areas face and body will be covered. Full face and neck lift, forehead and submental areas will be shown on the models. Peculiarities of thread lifting for young, mid-aged and mature patients will be observed during the practical part. Thread lifting techniques for body contouring improvement (including intimate area) will be shown.

The authors of this training course:

Olga Zhukova, MD, PhD, Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist. Associated Professor of Skin and Venereal Diseases Department, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Certified Trainer for Aptos Methods. Speaker of Euromedicom, WOSIAM.

Ekaterina Gutop, MD, PhD, Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Physiotherapist, International Trainer for Injection methods and BTX therapy, Certified Trainer for Aptos Methods. Active Member of the Scientific Committee of Euromedicom, WOSIAM. Chief Doctor of the Center for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine.

Natalia Markova, MD, Dermatologist, Certified Trainer for Aptos Methods. CEO Medical Esthetic.

Murat Tsinsadze, MD, the head of the Youth Association of Caucasian Countries Doctors League. Member of the Association of Allergology and Clinical Immunology of Georgia, participates permanently in local and international congresses. Official Trainer on Aptos methods. Plastic Surgeon at Total Charm Clinic Tbilisi.


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  • Елена Липец (Москва)

    Закончился мой Анатомический курс в Праге. Знания получены, навыки отработаны, хорошо забытое вспомнила, новыми идеями вдохновилась, приятные знакомства приобрела, вкусами и видами Праги насладилась.

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  • Emmalia Kotler

    Clinico-anatomical course Prague November 2018.

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  • Таня Кудринецкая (Киев)

    Закончился интенсивный и очень плодотворный Кадавер курс в Праге.

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  • Наталья Панова (Одесса)

    Позавчера вернулась с очередного кадавер-курса, который проходил в прекрасной Праге, в старинном Карловом университете! Это мой второй курс за год и не менее познавательный, чем первый!

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  • Ольга Чаленко (Донецк)

    Пятидневный кадавер - курс в Праге стал для меня самым желанным подарком этого лета! Звучит странно, особенно если знать, что такое «кадавер».

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